Welcome to my world !

Hey you’re here!
I am glad you made it 🙂

If you found this blog it’s probably because you are into music as much as I am . Hope you are fired up and ready to roll.

My name is Shauna, from Montreal. I’m a music lover, bacon connoisseur, but most of all a guitar player.

I believe in looking for something to inspire you – I believe in living a life of hope and challenges – I believe in respect , joy, and love – I believe that music can mend a broken heart – I believe that music can change your life

I have been playing in a band for five awesome years. We always wanted to have fun and make people happy. I bet you wanna have fun too. We jam out in our slamming parties. Especially me. I am always a fired up person who is always up to funny and new things. I am always ready to rock anytime. My awesome girlfriend Melanie helped me build this blog for all of you guys and gals (I’m actually really really bad with computers).



Melanie & I (I'm the cutest ;-) )
Melanie & I (I’m the cutest 😉 )

Before settling in Montreal I travelled  with my band round the world for a long time rocking our music and making people have fun. In every country I went to, people understand the same language , and it is the language of music. Music works like magic. It makes people happy and different.

Oh god , I almost forgot. I fall for motorcycling ! I can’t tell you how amazing does it feel when riding my motorcycle. You won’t believe it until you give it a try yourself. I always take my bike with me. Never been in any country without my motorbike. Sometimes I travel long distance taking my girlfriend with me on the motorcycle. Melanie loves it when we drive the motorcycle on the highway. She helped me with this blog. I really appreciate what she is doing for me.

When I was living in Berlin I had a dream. My dream was to give all my time to the music. I wanted to have fun with my guitar all the time. All I wanted is to let people feel the craziness I have inside me listing to my music. I always want you guys to feel that you are in another place listing to my music. I simply become crazy when it comes to motivating others with my music. I want this blog to be a turning point in your life. I’d love to know what you think and share your thoughts with me. Especially if you are a lover of motorcycling like me. I encourage you to share this blog with your friends.

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