My Bike Is My World

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People often come to me and say, “Riding a bike is so unsafe, why don’t you buy a car?” And every time I answer them:

 “There is no better feeling in the world than riding my bike.”

When I was buying a bike, everyone tried their level best to change my decision and make me purchase a car. However, I wanted a motorcycle, so I bought one and ever since then, it is has been the best vehicle for me. Whenever I try explaining to people outside the biking community the feeling of actually purchasing your bike and experiencing the road, all I am left with are blank stares. How can you explain someone something what they haven’t experienced themselves?

So today on my blog, I will try my best to explain what owning and riding a motorcycle really means and feels. For all those who are thinking of buying a motorcycle, hope this conjures up the excitement and the right kind of feeling.



It’s Fun

Speeding on a beautiful Ducati Monster is fun…really fun. Riding a bike in the right weather on good roads is the most fun. Every time I start my bike, the rumble coming up from the engine gives me goosebumps.

There is no better feeling than getting out in open air, riding through corners and corners, twisting and leaning through every turn. The feeling is simply incredible, and there is nothing dangerous in it.

There Is a Whole Community

Have you ever walked past a biker cafe and seen bikers hanging out there? Those are individuals who do not know each other; all they have in common is a passion for riding. They gather to discuss their bikes or about bikes in general. If you are in your car and it suddenly stops, there is a greater likelihood that no one will stop and help you. However, if you are on a bike, the case is totally opposite. It is built in every biker that if he sees another rider in trouble, he stops and helps.

Even when pulling over on the street, you usually meet other bikers randomly who talk about their bike, ask you about your bike, or chat about any bike in general. Being part of such a social community is great. Moreover, there are online communities for bikers, connecting riders all over the world to share their experiences with each other.

It’s Not Just the Speed

Speeding on a beautiful Ducati Monster is fun…really fun. Maybe it is all about hitting the red line in every gear and getting your knee down for most riders. However, for many, riding on an average speed is pleasurable. All that matters to them is swirling with the wind and relishing their ride.

Some of the enjoyable rides I have been over a 100 hundred miles during which I didn’t go over 50 MPH. Speed can be amusing, but it’s not everything.

It’s Therapeutic

Yes, you heard it right; riding a motorcycle is therapeutic. When you want to run away from the worldly worries and just want to be in your world for the time being, wandering the streets on your motorcycle is the best natural stress reliever. You get time alone with yourself and get to live in your imagination and freshen up your mind. It is the best medicine to forget about your problems and focus on only one thing: the open road.

Still confused whether you should buy a motorcycle or not? Motorcycles are the cheapest form of transportation available. They are great in traffic and above all, fun to ride. Just try it once and you will see what I am talking about.

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